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Clameur*, a major observatory on the French property rental market, is to make freely available its database to the public. “We want to make of “Clameur” an indisputable monitoring center for reliable data on rents which costs nothing to the taxpayer”, said its President Francois Davy during the presentation of August data and analysis. “We are going to be equipped with an I.T. system which will allow us to have a very precise view of the rental markets in France on a daily basis”. Clameur’s database represents 16.7% of the rental markets and it covers 95% of the geographical rental market in France over 92% of French population. The organization plans to disclose its data in two stages. Within a few weeks, Clameur will make available the average rents for 1289 cities, together with the tenancy mobility** (“mobilité résidentielle”). Next year they should publish more precise data including information by type of properties.

*Clameur: « Connaitre les Loyers et Analyser les Marchés sur les Espaces Urbains et Ruraux », is an inter professional observatory grouping major property players, property managers, property rental companies and websites.


** tenancy mobility : is the proportion of rented properties which are re offered to the rental market when a tenant move out. It therefore gives a good indication of the activity of the rental market.