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On Thursday the 19th of December, the French Parliament has finally backed up the “loi de finance 2014” which includes the capital gains tax reform for built properties*.The reform has been  in place since the 1st of December 2013.The Parliament has finally voted in favour of the tax reform with no significant changes. The reform was originally announced by the President Francois Hollande in mid June, and fully disclosed by the French ministry of Finance early August 2013.  Our blog was the very first to give an in depth explanation in English of the tax reform and to give free access to a capital gains tax calculator.

Our previous articles remain completely up to date:

“2013 2014 capital gains tax calculator for French second home”

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However, the possible changes that we disclosed in our post “French Parliament backs capital gains tax reform on property…but further change not excluded” have not materialised, which is an excellent news.

Update from the 18th of January 2014: The French Constitutional Court approved the capital gains tax reform for houses/flats but cancelled the reform for building lands:

“French Constitutional Court ruling : good news for buyers and sellers of building land in France”